Local Guide: Isle of Palms, SC & Real Estate

    The Isle of Palms feature diverse communities which create amazing living adventures. The island has a rich history and a varied culture that makes it one of the best living places in which to have the perfect home. There are living accommodations for all dream home tastes, including rentals and ownership in varied single family homes, condominiums, townhouses and cottages, many of which are located right by the seaside.

    The Isle of Palms is a unique community with some of the most beautiful luxury homes in the southeast. It has retained some of the same beauty and natural environments that have made it a top vacation home and tourist spot since pirates used it to bury treasure. South Carolina has amazing oceanfront scenery, a growing economy, and a sophisticated style that sets it apart from many realty markets.

    Isle of Palms SC Real Estate

    Isle of Palms Residents:

    Located just 30 minutes or less from the metropolitan city of Charleston, it contains stylish subdivisions and lots of open space for building your dream house. It is a white collar neighborhood, with professional employment opportunities in the fields of sales, management, doctors, lawyers, IT specialists, college and university professors and senior office workers. Real estate surveys have identified more artists, designers and media workers living here than anywhere else. There are also many smaller entrepreneurs who operate their businesses out of their spacious homes.

    Tourists from around the world enjoy vacationing in this resort, casual wear atmosphere, which provides a great tourism economy. Education is a top priority for children ages K-12, high school and college is highly encouraged. This is because the Isle of Palms contains people who have moved here from large urban cities and who are highly educated. Crime stats are very low in this family friendly and ethnically varied community.

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    The Beauty of the Isles:

    Photo journalists enjoy working in the Isle of Palms because of its varied natural environment and its beautiful, award winning beaches. Activities within the Isles include sun bathing, golfing, biking, beach volleyball, walking and ecology tours. Charleston activities are in abundance with people asking what isn’t there to do in South Carolina. The Wild Dunes resort are located at the northern end of the island with a great Atlantic Ocean view for its private residents and summer vacationers. [For more information about Wild Dunes and Beach Communities, click here]

    Isle of Palms Neighbors:

    The full time and part time Isle of Palms residents are a close knit community with families looking out for each other. It is an unincorporated municipality, but offers all of the services that a large city would enjoy, such as law enforcement services, fire department, public works and a general government system. The communities of Mount Pleasant offers a commute over the Isle of Palms Connector Bridge has great shopping stores and medical facilities.

    Sullivan’s Island houses much of the island’s schools that are situated on beachfront properties and perfectly landscaped grounds. The Isle of Palms believes in keeping the ecology of the island from natural or people harm. One of the main reasons for its great eco-studies includes its wildlife inhabitants which are on the endangered species list. This species is the loggerhead turtles whose nesting habitats are protected.