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Home Staging Storage

Home Staging 101 – Storage

Organizing your closets and storage space is possibly one of the hardest parts of staging your home and sometimes overlooked when you have to organize Room by Room. With these guide lines you will not be worried that when a potential buyer opens your closet everything you are hiding will come crashing down on them. If you need advice on some simple solutions from real estate agents in Charleston visit our Agents Advice page.

Closets– A prospective buyer will open everything possible, especially the closets so make it count! Need some advice fast? See our Quick Fixes page for easy do it yourself advice.

  • Keep it clean and organized
  • The more organized storage is, the more space it seems to have
  • Try and organize your clothes by color no matter how obsessive this feels. This will tell the buyer that the home is clean and not likely to be falling apart.
  • Accessories should be grouped according to what they are. Hats with hats, purses with purses and so on.
  • Shoes should not be laying on their sides and thrown all over the place. Put them upright and neatly placed together.
  • Nothing should be on the floors!

Garage– The garage is a great place for storage and the more storage space a home has, the happier the buyer will be. The garage is where you can store items that should not be left in the yard, for Home Staging – Exterior click here.

  • Maximize visual storage space
  • If there are stains on the floor from oil this is a huge turn-off. Buy home cleaner or hire someone to clean your garage floor.
  • Shelves should be against the outer walls of the garage
  • The center should be cleared of everything, nothing but empty space
  • If you have rodent traps or things of this nature then put them on a high shelf properly packed away so the children will not get into it and you are not advertising your home as a place that needs these things all the time.
  • Keep shelves and drawers partially empty giving them the feel of ample amount of storage space
  • If your garage is clean enough then open the door so it is welcoming to everyone
  • Opening your doors will also give the garage more light, they tend to be the darkest space of a house
  • Accessorize but minimally and orderly, things like tools, bike, and a work bench