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Kiawah Island Real Estate

Kiawah Island SC Homes for Sale

Before you buy, make sure the community is the right place to call home. Find helpful resources below and see what our agents at Cassina had to say about Kiawah Island, SC:

People move to Kiawah because they’re looking to escape. And when we talk about “escape,” we mean getting away from the cold. Kiawah’s mild climate makes the temperature just right (not too cold like states in the north, nor too hot like Florida). It allows residents to spend endless hours on the beach, digging their feet in warm sands, taking causal strolls, and collecting interesting seashells on the way. The beach-style living has always been a unique trait of Kiawah, but the real selling point of the island is that it’s still a “best kept secret.” There aren’t droves of tourists flocking along the beaches in Kiawah, nor is there the huge amount of traffic you might expect.

Kiawah has remained a little treasure of Charleston for the past couple decades, so if you’re looking for a beach retreat that will offer the peacefulness of a home in paradise, then we suggest taking a look at Kiawah Island real estate. Vacation homes are prevalent and offer a beautiful abode for the summer months, while in other neighborhoods you can find family residences that put you near some of the country’s best schools.

Robertson Allen at the Cassina Group

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Kiawah Island Resources

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Located 15 Miles South of Charleston

Kiawah Island Homes for Sale

Kiawah Island is located in Charleston County, SC. It is a barrier island that provides residents with their own beachfront. Nearby communities include: Wadmalaw Island, Johns Island, Charleston, James Island, and Mount Pleasant.

 Real Estate in Kiawah Island, SC 

People choose Kiawah Island over other Charleston communities because of the area’s seclusion. Beautifully crafted homes blend seamlessly into the natural surroundings. More than likely, your back porch will open up to a panoramic vista of palm trees, marshland, and quiet creek beds.

Kiawah Island Homes for Sale

Moving to Kiawah also means you get to pick what kind of view you want. These can range from ocean, marsh, river, or golf course views. Whether you’re looking for a secluded lot or a small villa that puts you in the heart of social activity, there’s a place you can call home on Kiawah Island, SC.

Kiawah Island Real Estate

There is no shortage of homes for sale on Kiawah Island. If you’d like to see which properties are the right match for you, click the button below.

 Vacationing in Kiawah 

Kiawah Island is known as a vacation spot to many across the country. It isn’t rare to see people from out-of-state visit the area and soon find themselves wishing they could stay longer. A lot of Kiawah residents buy a second home here and use it as a family vacation spot for the summer months. Others use it as a personal retreat to get out of the cold during the winter.

Kiawah Beach Villa

Kiawah Beach

A variety of vacation real estate is listed for sale on Kiawah Island. You can choose from cozy beach villas to large, multi-bedroom homes. Each property serves a different need, so if you’d like some quick advice on which properties to look at, you can contact us. We’d be happy to point you in the right direction.


 Home Buyer Resources 

Buying a home is no easy task. To make sure your vacation starts off on the right foot, read over some of our free buyer resources, so you can make the most of your Kiawah move.

Buying a Home
buying a house
buying a house

 Climate & Outdoors 

Kiawah Island’s climate is mild year-round. Summers get hot around July-August and winter finally manages to settle in around January; but overall, the temperatures stay warm almost all year. As a result, it leaves plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors. The most popular activity for Kiawah is spending the day on the water.

Kiawah Beach Fun

Kiawah Island Kayaking

Kiawah Fishing

Activities don’t always revolve around the water on Kiawah Island though. Golf is a popular pastime and local enthusiasts take their games serious. It’s the reason the PGA once called Kiawah one of their championship courses.

Kiawah Island Golf

 Education — Schools near Kiawah Island, SC 

Within Charleston County, there is a wide variety of private and public school options. Some schools offer unique teaching methods and contain a long history of quality education. Notable schools include Porter Gaud, Academic Magnet, Ashley Hall, and the Charleston Collegiate School. If you’re looking for childcare services, the Live Oak Little School is located nearby on Johns Island. For higher education, universities like the College of Charleston (liberal arts), Medical University of South Carolina (medical university), and the Citadel (military college) offer great options for advancing into new programs. For a full list of public schools around Kiawah Island, you can visit this website.

College of Charleston

 Careers & Employment near Kiawah Island, SC 

The majority of Kiawah’s employment is centered around hospitality and tourism. Because the island acts like a beach resort for residents, most of the careers you find directly on the island revolve around the Kiawah Island Golf Resort, where a variety of jobs in hospitality are located (such as fine dining services, golf trainers, hotel staff, etc). For technical jobs, Charleston has become a centralized hub for new technology firms. Software, defense, and biotech industries have placed a deep root around the downtown area. Other large employers include Boeing (North Charleston), Blackbaud (Charleston), and the universities.

Charleston Boeing

 Moving In — Setting Up Your Utilities 

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Fishing Licenses
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 Why You Should Move to Kiawah Island, SC 

Kiawah Island is the perfect place to call home if you’re looking to relax. There’s no easier way to put that. Secluded from the Charleston communities, you’ll find yourself at the heart of a natural retreat. Marshland will stretch to one side while beachfront will face you on the other. Egrets will be seen fishing in the creeks while most people bicycle to where they’re going. Real estate reflects the vacation mentality everyone comes here with. Living spaces are open and perfect for entertaining guests. Luxurious amenities allow you to enjoy life like it should be: With delight. If you want to know more about moving to Kiawah or need help narrowing down the right house, contact an agent at Cassina today.



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