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French Quarter in Charleston, SC

The French Quarter in South Carolina is a beautiful, historic neighborhood that offers some of the most beautiful homes in the city. It shares many of the same characteristics of the French Quarter in New Orleans, with its very own unique character.

French Quarter Charleston SC

Advantages of Living in the French Quarter

This area of Charleston offers the great Southern hospitality that visitors have come to associate with the city. When you walk down the street here, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back into a time when life was more leisurely. This area is best explored on foot if you’re able to take some time walking.

There are several activities held throughout the year that encourage visitors to come visit this area of Charleston. An annual spring home and garden festival is held during the time when most of the native plants are in bloom. An annual tour is also held each fall.

Charleston has a strong history of quality private schools. Ashley Hall is a quality girls’ school with strong parental involvement. Many parents are also pleased with the quality of education offered by Charleston Day School. There are also several excellent options for adults seeking a college education. The Charleston School of Law offers a solid legal education with several public services. The Art Institute of Charleston offers a range of arts-related courses for adult learners, including video production and photography. [For more information, read our article: Life in the French Quarter]

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What Types of Homes Are Available?

There are several different types of homes, ranging from condominiums to stately historic homes for single families. Many of the condos are lofts and located in buildings near the waterfront area. This is an advantage for people who like to walk to local attractions, shopping and dining. Townhouses are also found here, providing more space than condos typically afford.

Federal and Victorian-style homes are some of the most popular options in the Quarter. Greek Revival and Italian Renaissance Revival homes also add a bit of local color. You’ll also find more modern styles, such as Art Deco. Spacious balconies are found on many of the homes that face the street and there are several beautiful waterfront homes.

Charleston, SC Attractions

Some of the most popular attractions include local historical homes. The John Ashe House features a cupola, which makes it stand out from among the other houses in the area. You’ll also want to see the Nathaniel Russell House, which features an ornate staircase.

Two of the oldest churches in the area include St. Philip’s Episcopal Church and the French Huguenot Church, which boast impressive architecture in addition to a long spiritual presence in the city. The Pink House Gallery features a variety of different types of art, housed in a distinctive building. Several restaurants are located close to these attractions and there is a lively nightlife.