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Exterior Home Staging

Home Staging 101 – Exterior

When staging our homes we tend to forget how important the outside of our home looks to our potential buyer. While Room by Room staging is important, the exterior is the very first impression. We all know you spend more time inside, but the outside counts too so here are some helpful tips to get the outside of your home in tip top condition!

Gardening– keeping your flowers, bushes and yard clean is key here!

  • Flowerbeds, trees, and bushes should all be newly mulched, weed free, and properly trimmed
  • Make sure your grass is newly mowed, who doesn’t love that fresh grass smell out in the air?
  • If you are not a gardener, hire a landscaper to add color to your yard
  • Remove all the dead leaves and plants from your yard, you want it to look lively and charming

Quick Low Maintenance Cleaning– There are so many things to cover when it comes to staging a home, do not forget these little but very important details for the outside of your home. For quick tips on staging the inside of your home view our Quick Fixes page.

  • The front door should be inviting and presentable, try purchasing a new doormat
  • Power washing the driveway might seem like over-kill but you want every aspect of your home to be spotless
  • Upgrade outdoor lighting, believe it or not your potential buyer will be driving past the house day and night to show it off to family and friends for their input
  • Outdoor lighting makes the home feel safe and friendlier at night
  • Polish the front doorknob, replace a dented mailbox, and the address numbers should be clearly visible
  • All gutters should be clean and free of twigs and leaves
  • If your brick looks old and worn then wash that as well
  • If you have a wood deck try and get it freshly painted
  • Add bright colors to outdoor furniture, corals really tend to pop against the green
  • Put away all your children’s toys and your husbands toys we all know how cluttered the backyard can get with bikes, mowers and basketballs laying around. For tips on how to organize your storage space view our Home Staging- Storage page.
  • Make sure your car is not blocking the view of the front of your house, when the buyer pulls up you want them to think “wow”.

Our Charleston real agents help stage homes everyday and have priceless advice on how to do it right. To see their advice visit our Home Staging- Advice From Our Agents page.




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