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Quick Fixes for Home Staging

Home Staging 101 – Common Quick Fixes

In this article, you will find easy, quick fixes that you can do to get your home sell-ready! Make sure to click the links throughout the article for personal home staging tips from our expert real estate agents in CharlestonHome with great curb appeal

  • Curb appeal is important – We know that landscaping is expensive, and it will not be cost effective to hire a professional just to get your home ready for showings. Make sure the grass is freshly cut, the porch is cleanly swept and the mailbox is firmly planted in the ground! For more outside your home staging advice see our Staging the Exterior page.
  • Clean out your closets – You don’t need a custom California Closet system to make your storage space look big and efficient. Make sure to keep your closets and attic space organized and clutter-free. Buyers want to see that all their stuff can be neatly stored behind closed doors! For a more in-depth guide on how to clean your closet visit our Home Staging Your Storage page.
  • De-clutter everywhere! Entry ways, hallways, stairs, living spaces, closets, kitchens and bedrooms! In general, the more basic the furnishings, the more clean and big the spaces are going to feel. Check out our Home Staging Room by Room for specific ways to de-clutter the spaces in your home!
    Fresh flowers in kitchen
  • Fix small problems on a small budget – If cabinets squeak, slather on some WD-40 for a quick fix. Tighten up door and cabinet handles, and do some simple retouch work if any paint is chipping from the walls. These simple fixes can go a long way. 
  • Buy fresh flowers! There is nothing like a vase of fresh flowers to brighten a room and give it a feeling of cleanliness and warmth. Find flowers whose blooms will last about a week and get creative with your vases. Almost anything can be used as a vase! Never use fake flowers and make sure your fresh flowers are just that…FRESH!
  • Open the windows 20-30 minutes prior to showings – This will allow fresh air to flow through your home. No one wants to walk into a stuffy house. Airflow is very important during a showing to alleviate any Nautral Light in a Living Roompotentially offensive smells from cooking, pets etc…
  • Let there be light! Open all the blinds and curtains, turn on lamps and overhead lights (depending on the style) and make sure your each part of all your windows are squeaky clean. If your lamp doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, buy bulbs with more wattage.
  • Find a friend to do a walk-thru – Having a 2nd, objective eye walk through your property as a mock buyer can help you see what needs to be changed. Ask them to pay close attention to what the focal points – positive or negative – of each room. Many times, you (the seller) don’t notice the minor imperfections that new eyes notice first.

For more information on home staging, check out our agent’s personal tips or read our Home Staging- Room by Room pages.