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Dog Parks Around Charleston, SC

Dogs are our best friends. There’s no greater joy than coming home and seeing your dog so happy to see you. We’ve all experienced those wet licks and constant paw jumping. We’ve all told our dogs to hush and stop barking. But no matter what, we can’t help but feel warm in the heart every time we come home to our dog. We regularly take our dogs out, but at times, we want them to really get to play. So, what better way than to take them to the park? Below, you’ll get all the information you need for local dog parks in the Charleston area.

Dog Park Amenities Around Charleston:

Designers of these parks have made accommodations for all types of dogs, with special sections according to size. All of the parks are built for people and their dogs to enjoy a beautiful outdoor experience. This includes picnic areas, grills, boardwalks, bike paths, trails, playgrounds, campgrounds, cabins, golf, swimming and many other amenities, depending on the park selected.

Charleston Dog Parks

Dog Parks in the Charleston Area:

James Island County Park

  • Phone: (843)-7275 or (843) 795-4386
  • 71 Riverland Drive, Charleston, SC
  • In this 643-acre park, there are facilities for large and small dogs as well as a large lake for their swimming.

North Charleston Wannamaker County Park

  • Phone: (843)-7275 or (843) 795-4386
  • 8888 University Boulevard, North Charleston, SC
  • This is a 1,105 nature-oriented park that has special areas are designed for no-leash dogs. It provides a separation of large and small dogs.

Mount Pleasant Palmetto Islands County Park

  • Phone (843)-884-0832 or (843)-795-4386
  • 444 Needlerush Parkway, Mount Pleasant, SC
  • Nature-oriented, this park contains 943 acres. This no-leash dog park allows an enjoyable outing for all people, including dog owners.

Admission and Fees to the County Parks:

  • $1 per person
  • Children 2 years and under and Gold Pass Members are free
  • $.75 per person for Educational Groups (reservation only)
  • Extra charges for camping and special events

Membership Passes:

  • Gold Pass: Unlimited admission into any park for entire year. Additional charges may be required for special events.
  • Individual Park Pass: This photo ID allows entry into the parks listed above, plus Caw Caw Interpretive Center

Park Hours:

  • Opening hours: 8:00am

Closing hours:

  • January, February: 5:00 pm
  • March, April: sunset
  • May to Labor Day: 8:00pm
  • •eptember, October: sunset
  • November, December: 5:00 pm

Rules to the Dog Parks:

Naturally, in areas of this type, there are extensive rules that must be followed. Foremost, the dog must have the current vaccinations, not be sick, be in-heat, or aggressive. Common courtesy rules such as picking up the poop, keep the dog under control, not bringing food into enclosures, and so forth are listed. The rules are too numerous to post in this short article, but it is important that the dog owner carefully read and follow them (view them here). This allows everyone to enjoy the time spent together in pleasant outdoor surroundings.

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