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Distinguished Schools in Charleston, SC

When seeking an area to relocate there are many factors to consider. For parents the list of factors is even greater. One of the main things parents consider when seeking a place to reside is the local school system. Parents want to be assured that their children will be academically nurtured in a safe and pleasant environment they can trust. Fortunately for parents who are considering moving to Charleston, they are embarking on a school system that thrives for academic excellence for its students. In Charleston, students receive a high quality education that is sure to set them on the path to a successful life journey.

Charleston Schools

Distinguished Schools in Charleston

There are many great schools in this city. The following are a few that stand out due to their commitment and achievement in academic excellence:

James Island Charter High School

  • Address: 1000 Fort Johnson Road, Charleston, SC 29412
  • Phone: (843) 762-2754
  • Website: Click Here

James Island High School is a charter school that pushes its students to strive for high academic standards. Over the past years the students at James Island H.S. have scored above the state average in reading and math. It is a diverse population of students that allows a child to not only grow academically, but also socially.

Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary School

  • Address: 1871 Wallace School Road, Charleston, SC 29407
  • Phone: (843) 763-1555
  • Website: Click Here

The Ashley River Creative Arts School is a public elementary school that not only pushes for academic success; they also teach and nurture creativity in the arts. The school offers a plethora of classes that help kids develop their creativity through dance, music, drama, and other forms of the arts. Students in the school scored well above state averages in reading and math.

Fort Johnson Middle School

  • Address: 1825 Camp Road, Charleston, SC 29412
  • Phone: (843) 762-2740
  • Website: Click Here

Fort Johnson Middle School is an academic institution that serves students from grades 6 through 8. They push their students to embrace education with a full effort to achieve success. Students of Fort Johnson have scored well above state level in reading, math and science over the last few years. It is no wonder why parents rave about the quality of this school.

Finding a Home near a Great School

There is no doubt that parents seeking to relocate to Charleston, SC will be pleased with the quality of education their children will receive. The school system in Charleston knows and understands the importance of giving students quality education. It shows in their results. To view other distinguished schools in Charleston County, read our guide: Charleston County Schools of Honor.

Find a Home near a Great School