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Charleston vs Hilton Head Island – Which is Right For You?

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments any individual will ever make. When seeking to purchase a home one must consider not only the property itself, but also the surrounding areas in which their family will be residing. One of the best states to relocate and enjoy a high quality way of life is South Carolina. And when considering South Carolina as a state to reside, people often narrow their choices down to Charleston and Hilton Head.

Charleston Real Estate

The Value of Buying & Selling: Charleston vs. Hilton Head

Both Charleston and Hilton Head are filled with amazing real estate; however, when home buyers search real estate in both cities they will find Charleston real estate to be less expensive than Hilton Head. Whether you’re looking for a historic home or property in the heart of the city, Charleston has an affordable option for you to call home. If you’re considering selling, you may realize that Hilton Head appears better for selling your home (since listing prices are higher), but one factor to consider is the recent growth of Charleston. Since last year, Charleston’s median sale price for real estate has risen 7.5%, which is unprecedented. If you happen to live in Charleston for a few years and decide to sell later on, you’ll no doubt receive a good amount of return investment compared to Hilton Head. In addition, more homes were sold in Charleston than in Hilton Head (326 vs 226), which means there’s a higher demand for property in Charleston.

Charleston the Community

Some of the best attractions, beaches and entertainment events can be found in South Carolina. However no city in the state can exude the amount of southern comfort while mixing in luxurious living and a touch of city life quite like Charleston. The history of Charleston as a city is what distinguishes it from any other city in the state. In keeping up with the times as Charleston continues to grow as a city it amazingly somehow maintains that historical aurora that has people from all over the country continuously paying the city a visit.

There is no doubt that Charleston, SC is a great place to settle any family and enjoy and wonderful quality of life.

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