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Your Home – Love it or List It

Do you still love your home you bought years ago? Do you have one too many children running around, creating clutter everywhere? Or perhaps your son or daughter is moving out and you no longer need that 4 bedroom house. Maybe it’s time to start looking for another home — one that fits your lifestyle. Now the only thing stopping you is the fear of selling. Questions like “How do I sell my home for what it’s worth?” and distrustful thoughts over the real estate market have put you off from selling. In this article, the Cassina group will show you how simple it is to sell and why you should have listed your home long ago.

The Selling Process – Simplified

Selling a home doesn’t revolve around mathematical equations or break down into rocket science. Being prepared and knowing what to expect are easy steps to selling your home quickly and painlessly. Here’s a simple breakdown of the selling process:

  1. Plan and Prepare to Sell Your House
  2. Find an Agent
  3. Decide on Listing Price
  4. Market It
  5. Negotiate
  6. Sell It
  7. Closing & Contract Signing
  8. Moving Out

The steps listed above are very simplified, but as you can see, the process to selling a home isn’t that complicated. Within a few weeks, you could be returning the “For Sale” sign and packing boxes. It’s all a matter of trusting your agent and staying prepared.

Why Sell Now?

Today’s market is a “seller’s market.” There are more buyers than homes for sale, which provides you with an excellent opportunity to negotiate. The economy has been rebounding, interest rates are at their best, and buyers are searching. Why wait and watch the advantages turn against you? Contact an agent now and get a comparative market analysis (CMA) on your home. There’s no better time to see how much your home is worth!

Popular Home Areas That Fit Your Lifestyle

Charleston is home to a unique set of residential areas that fit a variety of lifestyles. If the home you once loved is no longer the gem you treasured, maybe it’s time to find a new “dream” home. Figuring out which one is best for you can be complicated if you don’t have the right information. So below, we’ve compiled a simple list of home living areas that might suit your needs.

For More Space

As your family grows or you find you need more space, homes in Mount Pleasant offer a wide selection of excellent properties. Traditional homes in Mount Pleasant typically have around 3-5 bedrooms, spacious yards, and access to wonderful city features. It’s become a popular living destination for families in the Lowcountry area.

Downsizing to Something Smaller

Not everyone is ready for those giant houses with multiple bedrooms and baths. Maybe you’re looking for something simple and cozy. If so, John’s Island and James Island real estate make for a great selection in houses.

For Something Special

Charleston is home to a beautiful array of Southern architecture and waterfront property. Greek revival and colonial home styles have been masterfully blended to provide true Southern comfort. Enjoy pleasant days, drinking tea on your piazza. Or walk through historic Charleston for great shopping and a real cultural experience. Other special homes in the area include beachfront properties on Sullivan’s Island and the Isle of Palms. In all, if you’re looking for a unique experience, the Charleston area has it.

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