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Where to Drive When Charleston Floods

Where to Drive When Charleston Floods

For anyone who has spent a little time living in Charleston, you know when the high tide mixes with heavy rain fall it means flooding. Streets like East Bay and the Crosstown tend to flood because there’s a lack of drainage and Charleston happens to sit at sea level. As a Lowcountry resident, we all know this is a part of regular life in the area, but it’s something not many know how to get around. If you happen to be traveling to work and regularly cross over Charleston, it’s best to have a back-up route in case it floods one day.

Here’s a map you can use to plot your “Plan B” route:

View Downtown Charleston, SC flood-prone streets in a larger map

Charleston Flood Zones

Understanding Charleston’s flood zones is important to know before buying a home. There are different classifications you should be aware of, so you understand what type of insurance you might need for your new home.

  • A-Zone
    • Properties in this flood zone are subject to flooding from rising water during a 1% chance storm. Houses in this zone are required to be elevated a designated height to avoid damage. Flood insurance is required if you take a mortgage out on these classified properties.
  • V-Zone
    • Like A-one properties, homes in this area are required to be elevated and have flood insurance. In addition, these properties are required to have break-away walls.
  • B, X, & C Zones
    • These properties are not in a special flood hazard area, but may be subject to flooding from recurring rainstorms. There are no required elevations and insurance for these properties, but they are recommended.

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2 Responses to “Where to Drive When Charleston Floods”

  • Jean Everett
    Written on

    Could you please correct the MISINFORMATION that Charleston is below sea level! There is no part of this city that is below MSL. You create needless panic by promoting this lie. We are NOT New Orleans! Thank you.

    • Molly Glover
      Written on

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We have changed the wording to reflect the correct information.

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