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What Most Sellers Forget to Tell Potential Buyers

Selling a Home in Charleston SCElements such as energy efficient windows, closet organization, proximity to the main transportation outlets and cost of utilities are important details to include in any sale. Check out our tips below so your property leaves no buyer asking questions.Ā 

Proximity and Location

Location is key. There is no way around it. Make sure to stress proximity to all amenities, highways, bridges and even consider including commute times to different parts of Charleston. Buyers will need to take into consider these facts and it will help them if they are already provided.

Aging in Place Aspects

Many sellers overlook the fact that there are people of all ages in the market for a new home. If a seller’s home has a master bedroom on the main floor, walk in showers or open indoor and outdoor living spaces, it is friendly to both those searching for a retirement home and buyers who want to find a home that lasts. If you do not have any of these amenities and are considering whether or not to make updates they are good features to consider implementing in your home.

Expertly Organized Storage Options

A seller who has extra storage space in or around the home would be wise to mention this to potential buyers. Extra storage may come in the form of a garden shed, a two car garage, a large attic or a roomy basement. Most people have lots of things to store including boxes, extra pieces of furniture and lawn equipment, so it’s a plus finding a home with adequate storage space. Another great element for lower-budget renovations is closet and garage organization. Small improvements such as organization systems go a long way when buyers are walking through your home.

Energy Efficient Elements

Energy efficient heating and cooling systems, windows and insulation are important to future homebuyers and are excellent renovations to consider. If you already have any or all of these home systems, then way to go. You’re ahead of the game. No matter how small, energy efficient elements need to be stressed in your sale, especially if they make a large difference in your utilities. Make sure to divulge the savings or impact of your efficient updates to potential buyers, it will make a difference.

Your real estate agent will expertly describe and market your home, but it never hurts to include more information for them to advertise and you to have ready for potential buyer questions. If you have any questions about selling your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Need to fill in the blanks in the selling process? Check out our Definitive Guide to Selling Your Home:

Guide to Selling Your Home

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