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The Seller Scene: Marketing Your Home

Beauty Sells a Home

Preparing the Home to Sell

Now that you’ve decided to sell your home, it’s time to get it ready for selling. A look around will probably reveal some minor faults and other areas you can touch up. The paint might be chipping or the bathroom fixtures needs a little tuning. You might even be thinking your home is perfect and doesn’t need any fixing at all.

The answer to all these problems is simple: take a good look at the home and see where you can make extra money. Even if your home is fine, why wouldn’t you perform a $100 maintenance to drive up your listing price $1000? Staging your home is important, but so is knowing how your real estate agent will market your home. In essence, you’re a team. And if you join up successfully, you’ll sell your home quickly and for the most buck.

Simple Staging Tactics

To read professional advice on staging a home and how to prepare it for buyers, click the links below. They offer in-house knowledge and real tips that every homeowner can use to drive up the selling price on their home.

charleston_surfAn Industry Selling Trick

A lot of people know about staging a home these days. Most know to clean up the clutter, turn on the lights, and freshen up the air. But if you want a real advantage to selling your home, sell your lifestyle. Everyone has a certain style to living. A good example would be a beachfront property on Sullivan’s Island. A homeowner there probably prefers a more relaxed, beach lifestyle. They might even have a collection of surf boards in the garage. Normally, you’d think that would be a “personal” touch that you would have to get rid of, but actually it helps sell your home. People who are looking to buy a beach home are probably interested in surfing as well. It’ll be a “personal” touch they remember and can imagine for themselves while living there.

Agent Incentives

One of the biggest fears of homeowners is that they won’t be able to sell their home. They’re afraid it will just sit on the market and collect dust. And it’s a natural fear, but one you’d throw out the window if you realized all the things real estate agents can do for you. If the home isn’t receiving offers for some reason, there are other tactics to marketing the home, which are agent incentives. To make the home more appealing to a buyer, a seller agent can throw in extra deals, such as offering to pay the home warranty or closing costs (the seller pays this). If these tactics don’t work, the seller agent might even offer money to the buyer agent to try and close the deal (if they have a buyer still thinking about the home). They are simple methods that often gear the negotiations onward if the selling process stalls for a time, and they tend to work.

Other Marketing Techniques

Here’s a list of other marketing techniques your seller agent will do to help sell your home. They are listed below to keep you informed, but are not limited to these:

  • Put in the traditional yard sign
  • Design “Call-in” information to reach out to buyers
  • Place your home on the MLS (multiple listing service)
  • Send out flyers
  • Take a professional video of the home
  • Take high resolution pictures of the house

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