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The Most Haunted House in Charleston

Poogan’s Porch Restaurant

A Charleston Haunting: Poogan’s Porch

Known for their southern delicacies and down-home charm, Poogan’s Porch has gained more than a reputation as a top culinary restaurant. It is considered one of the most haunted houses in Charleston, with over a dozen reports of ghost sightings. So, if you’re squeamish and fearful of the undead, be sure to keep your distance from this home. You don’t want to get trapped inside with Zoe St. Amand!

The Story

Don’t let the inviting front porch fool you. This home on 72 Queen Street is haunted. It’s told that 2 sisters use to live there, Elizabeth and Zoe St. Amand. They were very close and rarely spent a moment apart. Most of the locals would always see them walking around town together, shopping for food and buying material.

Zoe & Elizabeth Amand

When Elizabeth died in 1945, Zoe fell into depression. A part of her life had been cut away, and there was nothing to fill the gap. Her sister had been more than family. She was her best and only friend. With her loss, Zoe’s mental state deteriorated. She was often seen standing on the 2nd story balcony, waiting patiently for her sister to return. Some nights, neighbors reported her screaming her sister’s name.

After several years of being cooped up in her home and refusing to talk to anyone, the neighbors took action. She was placed into care at St. Francis Hospital, where she lived out the remaining years of her life. Her body was buried at the St. Lawerence┬áCemetery, though many would say her spirit doesn’t lie there.

To this day, there have been several accounts of both customers and staff seeing her. Some of the most famous stories come from women who went to wash up in the bathroom. They reportedly saw an old woman in the bathroom with them and thought nothing of her until they saw her picture on the wall. That’s when they realized they had just seen the dead owner of Poogan’s Porch. Another woman reported that she felt Zoe pass by her in the bathroom. And I’ll tell you, she didn’t take long to scream out in horror. Dozens of guests at the Mills House Inn across the street have made several phone calls to the police, saying they saw Zoe waving to them on the 2nd floor. They had reportedly thought someone was locked inside the restaurant.

The Final Tale

So, if you happen to be in the neighborhood and want to dare yourself to eating there, Poogan’s Porch is open daily from Monday – Sunday. The best time to see her is at night — and be careful when going to the bathroom. You might come across her.

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