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The Groundhog’s Shadow of Selling a Home

bill murrayGroundhog Day is coming up, which means spring is on the way. Winter is always a joyous season, but maybe with all the visiting family members, you’ve realized your home isn’t up to par anymore. Space has become limited, home features have been worn down, and perhaps your house doesn’t have the same charm it had when you first bought it. The possibility of 6 more weeks of winter in a home that has either grown dull or you just don’t love the same way anymore is making you think about upgrading to a better home. But where should you start searching?

Here at Cassina, we suggest take a page from a local celebrity – Bill Murray. Like a scene from his movie, Groundhog Day, the same dreary house up north wasn’t to his liking, and as a result, he moved into a warm beach estate on Sullivan’s Island. With white sands and the Atlantic as his backyard, there isn’t much you can’t love. Long summer weather and plenty of open space will keep you feeling warm and cozy, even into the winter seasons. So break the mold, sell your home, and and find the the right dream home. The only way to break the cycle of Groundhog’s Day is to find your true dream home and fall in love with an area that serves you!

Selling Your Home

Deciding to put your house up for sale can be a nerve-breaking decision for some, but the majority of those fears usually stem from a lack of awareness. Some think the local economy and real estate market have completely dropped beyond saving, and that they’d lose value in selling. Others are weary of having strangers roam about their property or going through the selling process. They are all natural concerns, which is why we’ve written a few articles explaining the process to selling a home. It’s a lot simpler than you think and there isn’t much to be worried about.

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About the Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island

Sullivan's Island Beach HomeThe winter can sometimes make home living a harsh experience – especially if you don’t love the house you’re currently in. The only way to break out of the coldness and stretch out in relaxation is to have a house that matches your desires. The Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island are 2 great areas that offer just that. Homes within the vicinity offer warm amenities and easy access to local beaches. Interior features are custom designed to bring the most out of comfort. And the best part to living on the islands is the relaxing atmosphere. Summer breezes make casual walks down to local eateries a true southern pleasure. Soak in the blue sky, hit the surf, and just lay back. Living on Sullivan’s Island of the Isle of Palms will definitely break the repeating-curse of Groundhog’s Day.

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