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    The Cassina Guide: Best Seafood in Charleston



    This week, our Cassina Group agents have weighed in on their favorite spots to eat seafood in Charleston. Living in a coastal town means options abound. From fried shrimp to ceviche to lots (and lots) of oysters, we’ve got the scoop on where to get the best seafood in town.

    1. The Ordinary and Bowen’s Island –Margaret Todd Irick
    2. Bowen’s Island –Elizabeth Ramsay Dickinson
    3. The Ordinary –Meghan Webster
    4. Bowen’s Island –Owen Tyler
    5. Leon’s –Melissa Martin
    6. Bowen’s Island and 167 Raw –Molly Conn
    7. Bowen’s Island or Hank’s –John Barnwell
    8. Blossom –Chip Allen
    9. Pearlz –Ashley Marsh
    10. The Ordinary –Jason Ogden
    11. Dave’s Carry-Out –Carter Rowson
    12. Hank’s –Kylene Sullivan
    13. Red Drum –Jackie Kelly
    14. Sewee Restaurant –Hugh Molten
    15. Sewee Restaurant –Garrett Rust
    16. Dave’s Carry-Out –Jimmy Dye
    17. The Variety Store at The City Marina –Garrett Rust
    18. Hank’s –Scott Liipfert
    Fried food at Bowen’s Island got rave reviews from Cassina Agents (with a few strongly preferring Sewee Restaurant in Awendaw!), while many agreed that for a nice night out, The Ordinary was the perfect place. Where’s your favorite place to get seafood in Charleston?
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