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Quick Tips to Enhance the Value of Your Home

Cassina Group in Charleston SCEver wonder why the latest TV trends have a lot to do with decorating, renovation and staging homes? Well, if you aren’t into HGTV then maybe you don’t, but there has been a surplus of blogs, television programs and podcasts in the past few years proclaiming how to add value to your home, and for good reason. Now that buyers are ready to buy and prices are beginning to rise, there is ample opportunity to sell your home after several years of uncertainty. With minor cosmetic updates, the likelihood of selling your home in Charleston greatly improves. Of course, you do not need a professional (or hours of watching HGTV) to make small changes that largely increase the value of your home.
Definitive Guide to Selling Your Home

Front Door Envy

A new front door is a small investment which has the potential to reap large rewards. All of your prospective buyers will get their first impression of your home as they open the front door and step inside. If you have a plain front door or one that is painted a color that the buyers immediately have to think about repainting, it is time to upgrade or repaint. A front door with glass side panels or a small area of stained glass will make your home much more appealing and catch the eyes of buyers driving by.

Pain Points

These are small things in your home that need fixing or repairing. Perhaps, there is a stain in the carpet or chipped paint in the guest bathroom. The money spent on a professional carpet cleaner or a coat of paint is a low-cost investment that will make your home look better. These small paint points will only add to a buyer’s concern about all the little projects they will need to undertake. If you avoid these problems from the get-go it will be that much easier for the buyer to love your home.

Light It Up!

This town is filled with sunshine for the majority of the year and buyers want that natural light to flood their home as well as their front yards. You have several options here. On the higher end of the involvement and money scale is the project of adding French doors. Consider even adding multiple french door sets, this is a dramatic design touch that has yet to go out of style. On the other end of the scale, a well-placed mirror can create the illusion of more light from a window. Adding a window or two is a large project than adding a mirror or new doors, but the end product will add a lot of value and appeal to your home.

Where Does It All Go?

One of the things buyers in Charleston look for is storage space. Adding a closet is one option. Or you could add storage units in the entryway or a mudroom. In the historic homes downtown in particular, storage is a valued commodity. Play up any and all space through expert organization and using the “half rule” for closets. This rule consists of never filling closets, pantries or any other shelving more than half full in order to emphasize the amount of space left to fill.

Curb Appeal Tells Buyers Everything They Need to Know

Your lawn is the first impression every buyer has of your home. In this case, a little landscaping can go a long way. If the yard is appealing and well cared for, buyers will know that the inside of the home will be well cared for as well. Make sure to keep up with the mowing, weeding and edging. You might consider purchasing a new tree or planting a couple of flowerbeds. Placing a small bench under a large tree will help buyers envision living in your home.

A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

Switching out bold colors for neutral tones goes a long way. Before selling your home, take the time apply new coat of paint wherever it is needed. Keep in mind that color does matter. You might love cotton candy pink, but not many people may share that affection. Neutral tones suit more preferences than not, especially in a coastal town. You want the colors to be crisp and not outdated, so consider shades of white and grey that makes trim look fresh and brightens up every room.

With these few minor cosmetic touches, you will begin to see better reactions from incoming buyers. If no other large impact changes need to be made, these little touches will go the distance in terms of great first impressions. For more information about selling your home in and around Charleston please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you want more information about the selling process, the best renovations for your money and a pre-sale checklist, download our infographic below:
5 Biggest Home Sale Blunders and How to Avoid Them

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