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New Years Resolutions for Your Home

As a new year rolls around, positive changes and resolutions are at the front of most everyone’s mind. If you’re searching for a resolution you can keep, consider one that will help you be a more responsible homeowner. Whether you’re new to home ownership or an experienced real estate investor, there are certain habits that will help you take better care of your home year round.

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Workout by Working Around the House

Many New Year’s resolutions revolve around getting fit. Why not get fit while working on your home? DIY projects and basic home maintenance are great ways to burn calories. Work out while adding value to your home by laying ceramic tile. Keep up your home’s curb appeal while burning fat and building muscle each time you mow your lawn, lay pine straw or raking leaves.

Decrease Energy Costs

Every homeowner is familiar with energy bills. Heating and cooling a home accounts for much of the energy used. Take the time to properly maintain your cooling and heating systems by changing filters regularly. Also, make sure your home is properly insulated to avoid cool air escaping outside. To save further on cooling costs, strategically plant a tree in your yard that will shade a normally hot area. The shade will translate into savings.

Use Durable Products for Home Improvements

While you’re getting fit with DIY projects at home, be sure to use durable, low-maintenance materials. Ceramic tiles provide a beautiful look that is easy to clean, sturdy and waterproof. New, double-pane or triple-pane windows are both durable and better for insulating your home. Longer-lasting lighting solutions will keep you off the ladder and help lower energy bills as well.

Budget for Home Improvements

Many homeowners forget to budget for foreseeable home repairs and improvements. When you make room in your budget for taking care of these things as they occur, you actually save money. Being able to address issues immediately instead of waiting as damage increases often makes repairs more simple and less expensive.

De-Clutter with Storage Options

Do you struggle to keep your home neat and comfortably tidy? Many times a messy house is a result of not enough storage space. Other times it simply indicates the storage space you have is poorly used. Make use of hidden spaces such as areas beneath stairs and high cupboards. These are excellent spaces to store items used only a few times each year.

Purify the Air

Is the air inside your home making you sick? You don’t have to suffer from indoor allergies to experience negative effects from the air inside the house. Make sure bathrooms and the kitchen are properly ventilated to remove smoke, odors and humidity. Use a portable air purifier to clean the air in a single room.

The coming year is full of promise. Becoming a responsible homeowner is within your grasp, but it won’t happen without intention. Consider making one of these resolutions. Then look forward to happiness and prosperity in the new year.
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