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Navigating Cassina’s New Website

A New Site, New Tools, But the Same You

The Cassina Group is proud to announce the release of our newly designed website. When we decided to update our main site,, we realized the design and search tools deserved a new upgrade. So that’s what we did! With our new site, we’re introducing a more streamlined search process, easier navigation, and tons of more information. But we’re aware all these changes might be a little confusing to our returning visitors, so we’ve created a simple “How-To” document showing you what changes we’ve made and how you can still access all the things you love from the old site. Here are a few highlights:

For Returning Users

Don’t panic! All your account information has been transferred over, so you can still access your favorite listings and saved searches from before. To log in to your account, click the “Sign In” tab, conveniently located in the upper, right corner of the webpage. A prompt will then ask you to fill in your login information (See Figure 1 below).

Sign In Prompt
Figure 1 – Sign In Prompt

While logged in, you can review your saved searches, edit the results, and reorganize your listing e-Alerts. Search tags can be added or removed to your liking, which will narrow your results to more keyword specific terms. For example: neighborhoods, cities, and types of homes. When you’re finished make sure to save the search again if you made any changes.

New Features

Enhanced Search Power

One of the newest features we’re revealing with our new site is the Suggestive Search Bar. Whenever you type in a search query, the search toolbar will “suggest” a list of possible terms you’re looking for. It’s extremely helpful in case you’ve forgotten how to spell a keyword or simple want to find related terms. Search results are also further divided into subcategories, which include: areas, neighborhoods, keywords, and schools (See Figure 2 below). This way, you can identify what you’re looking for in more detail and not be directed to results that aren’t related.

Suggestive Search Bar
Figure 2 – Suggestive Search Bar


Upgraded Visual Experience

To further enhance our user’s search ability, we’ve completely upgraded the visual experience. Essentially, we decided to put more of an emphasis on the property rather than the number of listings. When you search for a home or area, you’ll notice the dramatic high-quality photos of our listings in the center of the webpage. With this, we wanted to provide you with as much information as possible before looking another home listing. In return, it saves you time from browsing around and you can collect more in-depth details about our properties (See Figure 3 below).

Charleston Home for Sale
Figure 3 – Home Listings

By clicking on the side arrows of the photos, you’ll easily be able to thumb through additional pictures of our listings. Bedrooms and living areas will be captured in high detail, so you won’t be confused as to what the property offers. Additionally, we’ve added 2 more tabs to our visual tools, labeled “Quick Map” and “Local Pics.” In Quick Map, you can see where the property is located in relation to the area and even get driving directions. By clicking the Local Pics tab, you’ll have the opportunity to view surrounding pictures of the house, i.e. the neighborhood. Too often, people find a great home and discover that it’s located in a bad area. With local pictures, you’ll get to see where exactly the home is and what it’s surrounded by — all so you can make a better decision.

Our Blog

In today’s real estate market, we’ve realized that our users are looking for more than just houses. They’re also looking for detailed information about buying their first home or what activities are available in the area. Maybe they’re looking for different ways to decorate their homes for winter. Everyone is in need of different information, and to handle this problem, we’re introducing our own blog.

Our blog can be accessed at the bottom of our homepage, by clicking “Our Blog” in the footer. Here, you’ll find new articles about local real estate and learn detailed information only locals can provide. Go ahead and start browsing! Who knows what unexpected things you’ll learn.

For Further Information

Still want to learn more about our new website? Click on the link below to read our free article about using our new tools and how to create a home search specifically designed for you.

Download: How to Navigate Cassina’s New Website


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