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    How to Sell Your Community In and Around Charleston

    It’s true: selling your home generally isn’t quick and easy. During the selling process you may end up showing your home anywhere from a handful to dozens of times before you finally sign the papers and hand over the keys. The better you can sell every facet of your home – including the neighborhood that it’s located in – the easier and more efficient your sale will be. Below we’ll share some advice about how to increase your chances of a successful sale by drawing attention to the lifestyle around Charleston and the many benefits a young couple or family can enjoy while living here.

    Charleston SC Neighborhoods

    Begin with a Community Assessment

    Your first step should be to do a quick assessment of the community around your home; we’ll use the area of Hampton Park as an example. Ask yourself: what nearby amenities do you make use of? Are there any athletic facilities, golf courses, schools, or libraries nearby? Is your home within walking distance to park or river, where a residents enjoy evening walks, or perhaps close to the corner cafe, a potential draw for those who love to walk and grab a coffee? Try to place yourself in the shoes of someone who has just walked into your neighborhood for the first time. What’s the draw?

    Potential buyers will be making these assessments and asking these questions in their minds; show them that the lifestyle in and around your home is one that they wouldn’t want to miss out on.

    Leverage Visuals at Every Opportunity

    One of the key parts of the home sales process is known as staging, which involves decorating and transforming your home from the one you own into the one that the buyer wants. This same principle can – and should – be used to sell the local lifestyle. If you’re close to Patriot’s Point or another local golf course, be sure to have a nice set of clubs sitting in the garage or another conspicuous area. If your home has easy access to the beach or greenways, ensure that road bikes or beach cruisers are handy in the garage to reflect the great cycling nearby. The more visual you can present the lifestyle, the fewer words will be required to sell your home.

    Guide to Selling Your Home

    Remember: Sell the Sizzle, Not the Steak

    Finally you’ll want to remember that as with any good sales pitch, you’re selling the ‘sizzle’ and not the ‘steak’. Your potential buyers will already have a short list of items that they require in a home, so don’t go out of the way to repeatedly show off the recently-renovated bathrooms or the playroom addition. Instead, focus on those intangibles that they might not be thinking of, such as the close proximity to the area’s fantastic schools for curent or future children, or the quick commute to downtown if that’s where they work.

    These are just a few tips which can assist you with your home sale; for more information about how we can assist with getting your home sold, please contact us at your convenience. You can also find more information in our helpful Home Seller eBook, which you can download by clicking here.

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