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Haunted Historic Places in Charleston, SC

History is often haunted by its past. This cannot be true enough when you visit Charleston. From its historically preserved sites to antebellum houses scattered across the peninsula, you’ll find stories of haunted experiences all around. Nearly every corner of Charleston has some story that can be told, and it’s especially rare during the month of Halloween that you won’t share their tale. From Charleston’s most haunted restaurant to eerie graveyards that cater to spirits, you’ll find it hard keeping the screams inside. To get a deeper insight into some of the most haunted historic places in Charleston, make sure you’re careful when visiting these places:

Charleston Haunted Historic Homes
by Sarah Ackerman

Thomas Rose House

Located on Church Street in Charleston, the Thomas Rose House appears to be a regular 2 & 1/2 story brick house built back in the 1700’s. However, the tale of Dr. Ladd has made this home more than just 3-dimensional. Residing at the Thomas Rose House for a visit to the area, he got in a fight with another man, which ended with a duel. As Dr. Ladd thought a duel was not the proper solution, he fired his gun into the air. However, the other man was still angry. He shot Dr. Ladd in the knees. After laying in bed with agony for over 3 weeks, he died of gangrene. Nowadays, he’s reported to be seen in the house during times of distress.

Battery Carriage House Inn

Considered the home to several ghosts in Charleston, the Battery Carriage House Inn has multiple accounts of their guests witnessing paranormal activities. Their most notable is the “Gentleman Ghost,” who is known for his fondness of women. Accounts have mentioned that he lays down in bed with female guests. Once the woman screams, he will politely get up and exit through the wall. Another ghost that walks through the halls of the inn is the headless torso. He’s considered to be a remain of the Civil War era when Charleston was battered by from heavy artillery.

The Dock Street Theater

As one of Charleston’s oldest theaters, it has a long history. Considered to house 2 different ghosts, many visitors have odd experiences when they step inside. The most famous ghost of the Dock Street Theater is the actor named Junius Brutus Booth (the father of John Wilkes Booth). As an actor who routinely played in the Dock Street Theater, he is said to still haunt the theater. The other ghost, Nettie, is said to be seen often on the 2nd floor of the theater. She had met a tragic end when she was hit by a lightning bolt on top of the theater balcony. When she died, she apparently didn’t leave spiritually. One foreman who works at the theater had reported she saw Nettie everyday before work, and it was mentioned that her ghost form was cut off at the knees (perhaps because she is walking on the original 2nd floor before the theater was renovated).

Other Historic Places that are Haunted in Charleston

  • Poogan’s Porch Restaurant
  • Harley Shop on Meeting Street
  • Yeoman’s Hall
  • St. Philips Graveyard
  • The Battery

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