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Featured Sullivan’s Island Restaurant: Poe’s Tavern

Eating at Poe’s Tavern, Sullivan’s Island

Not even the poet himself could write something worthy of how good Poe’s Tavern is.  Tell-Tale Burgers topped with a fried egg, applewood smoked bacon, and cheddar cheese will beguile you into buying more. Not even Edgar Allan Poe’s raven could say, “Nevermore.” A menu filled with an assortment of powerful and dictating dishes will convince you to never go anywhere else on the island.

But Poe’s Tavern doesn’t stop at recreating the legend in food. (Taste is only one sense anyways.) They wanted you to truly feel the power of their deliciousness. That’s why when you come rapping and tapping on their door, you’ll find the burger shack decked out in memorabilia. Door frames are etched with poetic phrases and the fireplace features a dedicated mural of the artist. If you have the courage and don’t fear the vengeance of Lenore, be sure to stop at Poe’s Tavern for a good burger and beer. It’s one of the best on Sullivan’s Island.

To view the menu and get directions to Poe’s Tavern, click here.

Sullivan’s Island Legend: Edgar Allan Poe

The Tavern’s location isn’t by coincidence either. Edgar Allan Poe lived and was inspired by Sullivan’s Island. Rolling sand dunes and beautiful vistas of the horizon were enough beauty to even sway the macabre poet. He later on wrote two stories, The Gold-Bug and The Balloon Hoax, based on the island. Forever he captured the imagery and sensation he felt from the beach paradise. Nowadays, Sullivan’s Island is a must-live destination for beach goers and families looking to relax.

Inspiration has never been short, and as a result, the real estate market on the island has boomed. Driven to match the local beauty, stunning plantation-style houses have sprouted along the beachfront, offering panoramic views of the ocean. Home features mimic the relaxed atmosphere with spacious living areas and cozy bedrooms. Warm paint tones help match the sunny, pristine skies. And all the luxurious amenities make living on the island a true pleasure.

To learn more and view local listings, click here: Sullivan’s Island Real Estate

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