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    Why You Shouldn’t FSBO (For Sale by Owner)

    By Jimmy Dye | September 24, 2013

    Selling a home is not easy. It is the type of task that requires the right decisions to be made in order to ensure the success of you getting the price you want for your home. Many people choose to do away with utilizing the services of a realtor and attempt to sell their home... Read More

    What to Expect After Listing Your Home for Sale

    By Jimmy Dye | September 23, 2013

    When it comes to selling our home, we always want the most money possible and we want the home sold as fast as possible. After you’ve signed with a Cassina agent, there are a number of things to expect during the selling process. You’ve got the listing price settled, you’ve made necessary repairs, and now... Read More

    How Long will the Seller’s Market Stay in Charleston, SC?

    By Jimmy Dye | September 22, 2013

    We’ve all heard the news. Real estate across the nation has turned into a seller’s market for most regions. Home values have gone up, buyers are on the prowl, and confidence has been slowing recovering in the economy. But one of the biggest indicators to a healthy economy is new construction. For years, we’ve seen... Read More

    Sell Your Home Better. Tell a Story

    By Jimmy Dye | July 26, 2013

    Design and Stage Your Home For A Sale: Your Charleston home has been where you’ve lived your dreams, raised your family, and created endless experiences. A home contains a collection of memories from births, birthdays, vacations, hobbies, schools, and loves. We place these mementos on a mantel piece, the walls, a coffee table, bookcases, and... Read More

    I Want to Sell My Home. How Do I Get Started?

    By Jimmy Dye | July 23, 2013

    When it comes to selling our home we often find ourselves sitting on the fence. In a lot of ways, we’re scared. If the market is doing bad, we think we won’t be able to get enough return investment to buy a new home. Or we’re scared of having strangers poke around our “sanctuary” and... Read More

    How to Know When to Sell Your Home

    By Jimmy Dye | July 18, 2013

    There are many homeowners who set out to sell their home quickly and ended up waiting much longer than they thought. If you have placed your home on the market and aren’t having any luck, you may have tried to sell your home at the wrong time. How Can I Get the Most Out of... Read More

    Recently Sold Home in Wagener Terrace

    By Jimmy Dye | April 16, 2013

    Located off of Ashley Avenue in Charleston, this lovely cottage recently sold for $410,000. What appeared to be a small home from the outside, opened up to a spacious interior and totally changed the opinions of buyers once they were inside. From the moment the buyers stepped into the house, they instantly felt the warm... Read More

    Homes Projects That Sell: Fixing Small Bathrooms

    By Jimmy Dye | April 12, 2013

    When you mention fixing a small bathroom or making a room bigger, people immediately think construction crews. But home maintenance doesn’t mean you have to take out the jack hammer and start tearing down walls. Sometimes, a simple a change in wall color or change in furniture can drastically alter a room’s appearance (i.e. size).... Read More

    Recently Sold Home in Hobcaw Creek Plantation

    By Jimmy Dye | March 18, 2013

    The charming home along 508 Chimney Bluff Drive in Mt. Pleasant recently sold for $550,000. The traditional southern architecture was a major selling point, with a wrap around porch and inviting entrance. Palmetto landscaping complemented the soft, green tones of the home’s exterior, and the 2-car garage offered plenty of space for storage. Inside, the... Read More

    The Seller Scene: Contract to Closing

    By Jimmy Dye | March 15, 2013

    You’ve spent months doing open houses and keeping the house clean, and finally you have a buyer. Negotiations have gone back and forth, and after a few counter offers, you’ve come to terms and signed the contract with the buyer. Now what? You’re excited, but scared at the same time. To ease your doubts, here’s... Read More

    Should I Worry About Taxes When Selling My Home?

    By Jimmy Dye | March 11, 2013

    Tax season is in full swing, and some of you may be sweating right now. For those who have recently sold their home, you’re probably wondering if you need to pay a large sum to the government. You most likely made a lot of money off of your sale, and we know the government loves... Read More

    The Seller Scene: Negotiations & Bidding Wars

    By Jimmy Dye | March 4, 2013

    One of the most exciting and critical parts of the home selling process are the negotiations. After you’ve listed your home, dealt with the number of strangers poking through your personal space, and worked hard to keep the house clean, you finally have an offer. All your sweat and energy has paid off, but what... Read More

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