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    Historic Charleston Foundation Festival of Houses and Gardens

    By Molly Glover | November 9, 2015

    We are truly thrilled to be presenting this year’s Festival of Houses and Gardens with Historic Charleston Foundation. Each year, this event is anticipated by Charleston residents and tourists alike, and it never disappoints. The festival will run from March 16 until April 24, and it provides the unique opportunity to tour some of Charleston’s... Read More

    Financing for Historic Homes in Charleston, SC

    By Jimmy Dye | January 14, 2014

    Historic homes are a staple of Charleston’s character. It’s hard to imagine driving down King Street or Meeting Street and not admiring the classical architecture that has defined our city’s skyline (if not our culture). Oftentimes we take pictures of the beautiful piazzas hanging to the sides of the property or we tour gardens around... Read More

    6 Tips to Staging Your Historic Home in Charleston, SC

    By Jimmy Dye | December 18, 2013

    After taking the top spot on Conde Nast’s list of Top 10 Cities in the US for the third year in a row, Charleston has seen a boom of interest from those looking to make the Holy City home. The friendly people, rich history, and nearby beaches draw people from all over the world, and... Read More

    Buying a Historic Home in Charleston, SC

    By Jimmy Dye | November 29, 2013

    The historic communities located throughout downtown Charleston are more than a charming characteristic locals enjoy. They are a timeless treasure that speak of the relaxed living residents pursue. Whether it’s gazing at the bay from your piazza or hosting elegant dinners within luxurious dining rooms, historic homes in Charleston offer what every homeowner has ever... Read More

    Tax Benefits to Owning an Historic Home in Charleston, SC

    By Jimmy Dye | November 13, 2013

    Owning a historic home in the Charleston, SC area can provide you with dozens of challenges. But if you are willing to devote your time and money into owning one of these majestic homes, you can receive several tax benefits from the government. Historic buildings have civic value and that means you can be eligible... Read More

    Haunted Historic Places in Charleston, SC

    By Jimmy Dye | October 16, 2013

    History is often haunted by its past. This cannot be true enough when you visit Charleston. From its historically preserved sites to antebellum houses scattered across the peninsula, you’ll find stories of haunted experiences all around. Nearly every corner of Charleston has some story that can be told, and it’s especially rare during the month... Read More

    The 10 Commandments to Owning a Historic Home

    By Jimmy Dye | September 13, 2013

    When we walk out onto our piazzas and hear the quiet thumps of horse-driven carriages, we are often reminded how amazing it is to live in a historic property around Charleston. It’s almost a timeless sensation, as we know countless people have heard the same sounds for decades. But when it comes to owning a... Read More

    Charleston Myths You Didn’t Know Were a Lie

    By Historic Charleston Foundation | August 14, 2013

    For Charleston, there’s no shortage of historians and local tour guides leading you on a thrilling path of discovery as they explain what the city means to them. However, like any true southern lady, Charleston has a way of keeping her secrets. These well-hidden treasures have fueled many speculations and theories about the city, but... Read More

    Fun Facts of Historic Homes in Charleston, SC

    By Jimmy Dye | May 16, 2013

    History isn’t as boring as it sounds. It often comes accompanied by interesting stories and fun facts no one knew about. It does more than teach us about the past, it also gives us perspective as to why it’s unique. And as any Charlestonian knows, Charleston is one city deep in history and filled with... Read More

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