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Buying a Historic Home in Charleston, SC

The historic communities located throughout downtown Charleston are more than a charming characteristic locals enjoy. They are a timeless treasure that speak of the relaxed living residents pursue. Whether it’s gazing at the bay from your piazza or hosting elegant dinners within luxurious dining rooms, historic homes in Charleston offer what every homeowner has ever dreamed of.

But buying a historic home comes with many responsibilities. Charleston takes pride in its historic real estate — as it’s one of the elements that has driven so many people to call the town home. If you’ve been interested in buying a historic home around the Charleston area, here are some things you should keep in mind:

Historic Charleston Home For Sale

Maintaining an Historic Home:

The city of Charleston and South Carolina prides itself on preserving its history and culture. Its historic structures are mandated through the city’s Comprehensive Plan and the Historic Charleston Foundation. The Comprehensive Plan highlights its goals and objectives of maintaining historic homes and neighborhood design plans.

The goal of maintaining an historic home is to keep its original construction, its educational importance, and its character. In Charleston, any upgrades or renovations, require a special permit and guidelines to make sure that the homeowner guarantees to keep its neighborhood characteristics. The city of Charleston and South Carolina provide up to $25,000 in matching loans and grants when renovating a historic home.

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Benefits of Historic Houses:

Historic home buyers find the appeal of owning a vintage home a unique experience because of its architectural style, it’s historic occupants, or it’s nationally recognized status. An added benefit in becoming an owner occupant of an historic home is the tax benefits. South Carolina offers a state income tax credit, as well as an annual property tax freeze. The property tax freeze is in effect for up to 2 years, especially if the upgrades are completed within that time frame.

Value of History:

The historic houses in Charleston are largely constructed of natural materials and can normally last for years. Homeowners should stay alert in the condition of their property and get to know how their homes are aging and sustaining. Owners of historic Charleston homes are not alone in their quest to keep its history alive and prevalent within the community. The Historic Charleston Foundation can help owners with any questions they may have. Your historic home can be one of the many homes featured each Spring in Charleston’s Annual Festival of Houses and Gardens. Prestigious historic homes are Charleston’s charm, culture, history, and beauty.

Buying a Historic Home in Charleston, SC:

To learn more about owning a historic home, contact us or search our current available listings throughout the Charleston area:

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