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Be a Charlestonian: Go Crabbing

Charleston’s history and culture goes back to the earliest founding of America, and over the years that culture has bloomed into many activities that are distinctively Charlestonian. In this week’s edition of being a Charlestonian, we’re going to talk about one of the best past-times in the area: crabbing. Since the Lowcountry is situated along miles of creeks and marshland, there are plenty of spaces to catch local seafood without having to take out the boat – the most common is the neighborhood dock. During low tides, it’s easy to see small, blue crabs running across mounds of pluff mud. All you need to catch them is a cast net and a pole net.

Crabbing in Charleston

Catching crabs from a local dock is easier than most think, and it’s the most rewarding experience. The first step is prepping your net/cage. Make sure the strings are set, have bait attached. It’s that easy. Sometimes, when you cast your net and pull it up, you’ll see the crabs still holding onto the net as they munch away on your bait. The only thing to be careful about is when you open it up, it’s easy for crabs to fall back into the creek. Have your pole net ready to scoop them up before they drop back down and you’ll have your prize.

For more information about casting a net, watch this video:

 Equipment for Crabbing

  • Cast net
  • Pole net
  • Crab bait
  • Bucket (to hold the crabs)

Places to Go Crabbing

  • Public Boat Landings
  • County Parks (like James Island County Park)
  • Old Bridges turned into fishing piers
  • Neighborhood Creeks & Docks

Charleston Real Estate

To find homes and neighborhoods where you can go crabbing, check out our top areas below:

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