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Back to School: Getting Your Home Organized

Summer has come to an end and the school year has begun. Most of us have probably weathered the first week of school pretty well, but as the days continue, we might be noticing how the schoolwork our children bring home is building up, how things to do never get checked off our calendars, and how we always seem to be one step behind. The school year in general brings a lot of chaos that takes a little bit of time to get used to. But I think we have the right solution for getting your home organized and making sure you have time to relax in your beautiful Charleston home. Here’s how:

Make a Note to Yourself

Dry Erase Board
by MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc.

Using a bulletin board to jot down quick memos can easily help you get organized for the remaining days in the week. You can write down any important messages, grocery lists, spelling word lists, or any other quick reminders you might need in the near future. And if the bulletin board is strategically placed in your home (preferably in the kitchen), you’ll be constantly reminded of what you need to do. That way, you don’t forget anything. Of course, bulletin boards can be any type: dry-erase, cork, or chalk.

Calendars Help Manage Busy Schedules

Charleston Home Calendars
by Dijeau Poage Construction

Everyone in the family has their own schedule. Whether it be sports games or dance recitals, your children are probably busy. And if they don’t have any of those things going on, they’re probably doing homework or studying for tests. Plus, you may have special events you need to attend or personal hobbies you like to pursue. Managing all these can be time consuming and tiring. To help stay organized, make sure you have a family calendar — a big enough calendar to list everyone’s activities.

Create a “School” Area for Your Children

School Space for Children
by Patricia O’Shaughnessy Design

Every children’s backpacks come home with folders stuffed with papers. Some of it we need to sign, others are homework for them. All in all, the children could use a “school” area where they can do their homework and study (without the distraction of television sets and iPhones). Creating a little space for them can help the home stay organized as this is the place where your children will stuff their backpacks, lay out their papers, and store their books. Plus, it creates a quiet space for them to do their studying.

Organizing the Back to School Mess

The beginning of the school year bring plenty of stress and sometimes parents can feel like they never have enough time to take care of their daily tasks. Getting organized and getting used to the new routine will help. However, if you still feel like you need more room or your current home just isn’t enough, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Search our current available listings:

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